bookmark-merge is a perl script that merges Netscape/Mozilla format bookmark files. I found that I was maintaining bookmarks at home and at work, and they would continually diverge as I found cool links at one site or the other. This script merges two (or more) bookmark files into one, trying to be smart about the ordering of the bookmarks. The resulting bookmark file is the union of all of the bookmark files, where the structure is built from the master file.


bookmark-merge requires perl 5.005 or higher (which should be the default on most systems by now), and some Netscape or Mozilla bookmark files on which to experiment.

On *nix systems, your Netscape bookmarks will be ~/.netscape/bookmarks.html directory, and your Mozilla bookmarks will be ~/.mozilla/[username]/[something.slt]/bookmarks.html

On Windows systems, your Netscape bookmarks will be somewhere under your Netscape install directory, typically C:\Program Files\Netscape\Users\[username]\bookmark.htm and your Mozilla bookmarks will be [somewhere -- tbd].

Current version: 1.1 (view the README)
available via http: bookmark-merge-1.1.tgz

Also, check the project homepage hosted at SourceForge:

Author: Rob McMullen <robm at>
18 March 2001
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